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BAAM Podcast | Episode Seven with Simon Devitt

Episode Summary

In Episode Seven of BAAM Podcast Barry & Andy introduce the show with Brisbane-based architect Paul Owen of Owen Architecture. Paul is one of Australia's most awarded architects and has worked with Simon Devitt on a number of projects. We thought it would be fitting to have him on to say a few words and to chat about the architectural photography process in general. Our main guest for this episode is Simon Devitt! He's New Zealand's preeminent architectural photographer and is world renowned and deeply respected by architects and photographers alike. He has a photography prize named after him (The Simon Devitt Prize for Photography) through the University of Auckland where he's also a lecturer for the architecture program. Along with his work being widely published Simon has created a number of books including the Ripe Fruit Series, Portrait of a House and more.

Episode Notes

In this episode we deep dive on Simon's career touching on his philosophical and pragmatic approach to photography — from starting his career as a sports photographer and printing forensic photography to working on the book Portrait of a House where he documented a single house over a seven year span. There are lots of wonderful insights from our chat with Simon and Paul.  We hope you enjoy it!